Our Mission Statement

The mission of Aquafinity is to educate individuals on marine life and conservation by creating a unique interactive aquarium and providing quality fish tanks and services that promote responsible aquarium ownership. By doing so, the company hopes to spark interest in marine life and to inspire its customers to become advocates for the protection of the world’s marine ecosystems for future generations.

What is Aquafinity?

Aquafinity has created an interactive aquarium with a variety of themed tanks and educational activities for all age groups. The company also sells smaller packaged tanks with similar themes as the tanks presented in the aquarium and offers an optional tank maintenance service. Upon purchasing a fish tank, Aquafinity will include an informational packet about the marine life within the tank and provide free maintenance for the first month, including tank construction and set-up. The customer will then have the option to purchase a monthly maintenance package.

Aquafinity donates to Ocean Conservancy which in turn provides it with sources of marine life information such as brochures, booklets, and documentaries that can be incorporated into the aquarium. There will also be monthly events at the aquarium which include select movie showings in the theater room and special new themed tanks for purchase. The company aims to have all elementary schools within the area organize field trips to Aquafinity to promote its education program and encourage responsible aquarium ownership.

Aquafinity is an S corporation that started on November 1, 2014 and is part of the aquarium and fishkeeping industry. The main Aquatic Life Center building is located in Temecula, CA. The Temecula and Murrieta area is a premier location due to its large population of over 200,000 residents and its distance from large attractions, giving Aquafinity a chance to become a popular activity within the Inland Valley Empire. Families located in Riverside County, one of three counties in the Inland Empire, are Aquafinity’s primary target market. The Inland Empire has the fastest projected economic growth in the state of California and has the fourth fastest growth among the top 100 metropolitan areas in the country (through 2020).