Competition Info

Business Plan: The business plan competition gives a 12 minute look into the business we have been creating for the past six months. The business plan details all aspects of the business and is the competition that gets us to New York if we place in the top three at the Bakersfield Trade show.

Marketing Plan: The marketing plan competition explains the industry of our company and the marketing strategies that will make our company most effective. This competition includes an oral competition detailing our advertising, target market, demographics, product, and more.

Sales Presentation Competition: Sell your product to a judge as if you are selling your product to the consumer.

Elevator Pitch: sell your company in 75 seconds to a judge as if you are in an elevator pitching your company to someone.

Human Resources Scenario: Given a problem within the company, and you have to solve this problem based on the company manual.

Impact Board: A scaled down representation of what a billboard would look like for your company.