Clear Coast Eyewear (2017-2018)


Clear Coast Eyewear is a retailer of high-end sunglasses with one particular twist; all products are made from recycled ocean plastic. Clear Coast’s mission is to beneficially impact its communities and stakeholders, with the aim to revive global beauty by redefining upscale eyewear, utilizing tons of waste that is plaguing the environment while expanding public knowledge on global issues through our philanthropic initiatives.



Ashley Gonzalez – Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Stez – Chief Operations Officer

Ethan Campbell – Chief Business Officer

Cade Crowley  – Chief Financial Officer

Accounting Department:

Miguel Palomino – Accounts Receivable

Hailey Riddle – Branch Banker

Sales Department:

Lidia Ambriz – Vice President of Sales

Jonas Castellon– Booth Specialist

Saleen Saiid – Sales Representative

Public Relations Department:

Victoria Chagolla – Vice President of Public Relations

Mariah Wade – Public Relations Associate

Digital Media Department:

Vincent Pham – Vice President of Digital Media

Jason Morse – Digital Media Associate

Marketing Department:

Lily Fitzpatrick– Vice President of Marketing

Alyssa Lamoureaux – Brand Specialist

Joshua Vaughan — Market Analyst

Victoria Romero – Director of Marketing

Human Resources Department:

Nathan Puysse– Vice President of Human Resources

Sabrina Shakilir – Human Resources Associate

Marissabel Maldonado – Human Resources Associate