Clear Coast Eyewear Marketing Department

VP of Marketing

lily-fitzpatrickLily Fitzpatrick – Clear Coast Eyewear

Lily Fitzpatrick, Junior, is the Period 2 Vice President of the Marketing Department. Her responsibilities include developing the Strategic Marketing Plan, delegating responsibilities of creating the product line to team members, and overseeing the marketing department and evaluating their performances. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and working at Islands. As a child, she participated in the Knowledge Bowl and has maintained a high GPA throughout middle school and high school. She plans on studying business in college and believes that what you get in life reflects how much effort you put in.


Director of Marketing

_DSC3719Victoria Romero – Clear Coast Eyewear

Silvia Hernandez, Senior, is the Period 2 Brand Specialist. Her responsibilities include assisting in the development of the Strategic Marketing Plan component of the company business plan, developing company sales and promotional literature, and developing email sales campaigns. As a member of Science Olympiad, Silvia enjoys science and talking with friends. She was in marching band during her freshman year and went on a trip to Washington D.C. and marched in the Veteran’s Day Parade. Once in college, Silvia wants to major in journalism and believes that everyone should work hard for what they want.


Marketing Associate 1

_DSC3728Joshua Vaughan – Clear Coast Eyewear

Serena Chon, Senior, is the Period 2 Market Analyst. Her responsibilities include researching current market conditions for the industry, developing the market analysis section of the marketing plan, assisting in the development of sales promotions for each trade show the company participates. Serena is an active golfer in her free time and enjoys her responsibilities as a member of Leadership. She has committed to the University of Riverside. Serena lives life in the moment and enjoys hanging out with friends.



Marketing Associate 2

_DSC3718Alyssa Lamoreaux- Clear Coast Eyewear

Gavin Miller, Senior, is the Period 2 Promotion Specialist. His responsibilities include assisting in the creation of company product line, developing all company sales promotions, and working with sales department to develop sales promotions for each trade show the company participates in. Gavin enjoys running and hanging out with friends when he can find time between homework. Last year he as a Sales Technician for Trifecta and placed 7th in the state for his Elevator Pitch. When he’s older, Gavin wants to pursue a career as a chiropractor.