Human Resources

JOB DESCRIPTION: VP Of Human Resources

JOB DESCRIPTION: Human Resources Associate

HR (Human Resources)

HR is in charge of providing guidelines and news to the company. It is HR’s job to keep track of absences, evaluations, and that workers are following the rules of the class. Monthly newsletters keep workers up to date with fundraisers and events. HR uses the Employee Manual to compete in the Human Resources competition.

HR should always be encouraging students to participate in company trade shows and events by offering incentives such as gift cards, extra points for the person who sells the most, etc.



The successful candidate will be a part of the leadership team and work under the supervision of the Chief Operations Officer. The Vice President will be responsible for reviewing, recommending and overseeing the implementation of the organizational employee relations within the company. As the Vice President, it is important to make sure all HR documents are competition-ready and completed in a timely manner before submission in order for time to review them.

Useful Skills:

  • Strong Writer
  • Highly Organized
  • Proactive
  • Friendly
  • Outgoing

Things to Know:

  • Always be prepared for upcoming tasks.
  • Get the entire class to participate and to be motivated towards there goals.
  • Participate in meetings, and help other departments if possible.
  • Virtual Enterprise is a team. Do not bind yourself to your department. Find out how to help the business as a whole.
  • Communicate with Outside Sources.


August: Compiling Employee Database (Get contact information). Create Employee Files. Take Attendance and develop attendance sheet every day in VEI portal.

September: Draft Employee evaluations alongside the COO. Start the Employee Handbook. Start on October Newsletter (Should be completed by the 15th of each month). Make HR Cycle and Mission Statement. Employee recognition: start giving out employee of the month and acknowledge birthdays. Organize company get-togethers.

October: Start evaluation process, teach the company how it works and how they will be graded. Create a chart or way to keep track of student’s participation and results in trade shows and company events. Start November Newsletter. Create an incentive program.

November: Prepare for the San Diego trade show. Submit the best newsletter for competition. Organize an office party. Create Newsletter for December.

December: Make a Personal Professional Development Plan Form. Make sure Employee Handbook is finished. Submit and enter in all Human Resources Competitions for Bakersfield. Submit and enter in all Human Resources Competitions for Pasadena. Make sure to create an oral competition script and rehearse. Create Newsletter for January.

January: Rehearse oral competition with outside sources to get an outside opinion. Make sure to follow the rubric for Bakersfield Oral Competition. Submit and enter in all Human Resources Competitions for Pasadena and Bay Area. Go over handbook, expectations and disciplines with the company (Could be done in prior months). Create Newsletter for February.

February: Prepare/Enter in competitions for the Bay area trade show.

March: Prepare/Enter in competitions for the New York trade show.

April: Prepare for New York trade show and competition. Rehearse with outside sources to get an outside opinion.

May: Personal Professional Development Plan.

Employee Handbook example

Employee Handbook Example

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