Nocogo (2015-2016)

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Nocogo’s mission is to promote a healthier lifestyle and increase awareness of dietary restrictions by bringing into existence a healthy delicious ice cream option.

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Austin Ouellette – GOD *(CTO)

Evan Suther – GOD’S Assistant (Web specialists)

Matt Betz – CEO

Ryan Waelde-CFO

Connor Campbell – CBO

Aura Romero– COO

Alyssa Ireland– EA

Accounting Department

Corben Cubete – Branch Banker

Caleb Whiting – Accounts Receivable

Department of Sales

Austin Darragh – VP of Sales

Trent Hill – Sales Technician

Madi Greene – Booth Design Specialist

Camille Cohen – Sales Catalog Specialist

Marketing Department

Kathy Kong – VP of Marketing

Makenna Hannon – Director of Marketing

Kyla Osburn– Brand Manager

Alex Paissios– Marketing Consultant

Public Relations and Fundraising

– VP of Public Relations

– Public Relations and Fundraising Specialist

– Public Relations and Fundraising Specialist


Jordan Sellars – VP

Sergio Bugarin – Newsletter Consultant

Alexis Serrao– HR Specialist

Marissa Aragon – PR/Fundraising