Chief Executive Officer

IMG_5395 2Grant Castaneda

Grant Castaneda, Senior, is the Chief Executive Officer of Nurture. His responsibilities consist of Overseeing quality control throughout the company, establishing goals for each department in partnership with division managers, and leading the business. He is extremely involved in other activities around the school.  This is his second year in Virtual Enterprise and is extremely dedicated to guide Nurture on a path to success. All he aspires to be when he is older is a doctor, preferably a pediatric surgeon.

Chief Operations Officer

IMG_5394 2
Katrina Petchers 

Katrina Petchers is the Chief Operations Officer for Nurture. She is in charge of overseeing the operations that go into meeting business goals and projections. She works with all departments to ensure completion of tasks. The COO is in charge of all of the day to day operations that go on in the classroom. She is committed to making sure that everything is running smoothly. Outside of the company, she is a huge Netflix fanatic, and works at Vons.  She plans on going to Grand Canyon University to study Entrepreneurship, and one day wants to open her own company.



Chief Executive Assistant 

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Raya Trompeter

Raya Trompeter, Senior, is the Chief Executive Assistant of Nurture. Raya is in charge of assisting the CEO with all of the administrative duties. She is also in charge of coordinating all of the departments in the business, including the executives. She plans to attend UC Merced after graduation. She is currently VP of Earth club. Raya likes to spend her free time taking photography and plans to major in business.