West Coast Races (2013-2014)

West Coast Races is the 2013-2014 virtual business for the Murrieta Valley Virtual Enterprise team. This company hosts themed events in which people come and run. West Coast Races’ mission is to bring the community together with events that create memories for competitive runners and non-competitive runners while making activities for the whole family, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and giving back to people in the community.

  • families
  • interactive approach
  • creating memories racing and non racers through something different factor without creating a novel.
  • competitive


2013-2014 MVHS Virtual Enterprise Team

Tanner Force- CEO

Megan Macpherson-CFO

Rebecca Lam- CBO

Courtney Pease- COO

Maegan Leitch- Executive Assistant

Accounting Department

Anthony Cabral- VP of Accounting

Alec Sellars- Branch Banker

Jacob Felderman- Accountants Receivable

Department of Sales

Julian Sanchez- VP of Sales

Gwyn Harris- Director of Sales

Alanna Pruch- Catalog Designer

Bryse Carson Sales Technician

Marketing Department

Lauren Bowan- VP of Marketing

Jacob Thornburg- Director of Marketing

Alex Reed- Booth Design Specialist

Mckayla Reynaud- Advertisement Specialist

Garrett Schwenk- Marketing Plan Specialist

Public Relations

Lindsey Hill- VP of Public Relations

Mckenna Niell-Public Relations Coordinator

Taylor Tryon Bowman- Fundraising Consultant

Human Resources 

Adrika Novak- VP of Human Resources

Brennan Ricker- Employee Manual Consultant

Madison Niell- Newsletter Designer

Sherry Wang- Newsletter Designer

IT Department

Cody Schrank- VP of IT

 Michael Cantone- Class webmaster

Nathan Starr- Company Webmaster


Our virtual enterprise had qualified in our Bakersfield trade show to compete in the City of New York by getting 2nd place. On our trip to New York we not only competed in the business plan and made top 6 in the nation out of 20 teams, but we also competed in a global business challenge that we placed 3rd inout of 30 other teams. Besides competing we also spent time having some fun.

New York

The entire class went to check out tourist sites all over New York like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Ellis Island, the Top of the Rock, and we even ice skated in Rockefeller Center.  We also checked out some museums, the MET was really cool and had many different historical works of art, and even saw the play Rock of Ages on Broadway.  Doing all these things around New York and living in New York with your friends and peers for a week grew the class as a family. We got to know one another more than we have before, and we all grew closer as a class. It’s not all about the competitions but also about having a good time with friends.

Don’t get me wrong the competitions are very important, because we want to bring a trophy or something home to show the school. In New York we had to not only compete in the business plan or Global Business plan, but we also had a day in which all of our employees had to sell our product to other schools and judges, in a booth that our class designed and built. This is the main aspect of the trade show.  Along with selling to customers we also have to go buy from other schools, and check out the competition. The Trade show is basically a room full of different companies and their booths with a bunch of employees of each company trying to sell to whoever is walking by. Though it can be a little chaotic, it is also a fun and valuable experience. This pushes high school students to interact with people and become comfortable with presenting an idea to a stranger.  Overall our experience in New York was rewarding and extremely fun, one of the best experiences this class offers.


Temecula Mud RunWest Coast Races participates in a variety of events that help us understand the mechanics behind business and our company in particular.  Through connections made outside of class, we are able to expand throughout the community. One event that we were able to participate in was the Temecula Mud Run; we were privileged enough to know the owner. We participated as staff and were also allowed to run the course in small groups at a time to grab a feel over the layout and possible expenses/venues that could be considered.  While working and managing certain aspects of the event, we were also able to practice salesmanship and lure in potential customers.   First hand, we were among different businesses all set up in specific “booths” centered around people coming for the event.  The experience was fun, although dirty, and gave our company great insight of the field.  Future classes should see how they can participate with a business alike their own; it really does help.