Pinya Linya (2016-2017)


The mission of Pinya Linya is to produce organic leather products made from the fibers of pineapple leaves. This provides those who are concerned about the wellbeing of our planet with durable, eco-friendly, high-quality products manufactured in the US. 



Makenna Hannon – CEO

Jordan Sellars – COO

Camille Rogers – CBO

Corben Cubete – CFO

Accounting Department:

Joseph Hernandez – Branch Banker

Ethan Campbell – Accounts Receivable

Sales Department:

Sergio Bugarin – VP

Brinley Bowler – Booth Specialist

David Ramirez – Sales Technician

Lorenzo Polanco – Sales Technician

Digital Media Department:

Ethan Ginsberg-Margo – VP

Samantha Thomas – Associate

Andrew Stez – Associate

Marketing Department:

Lily Fitzpatrick – VP

Gavin Miller – Promotion Specialist

Silvia Hernandez – Brand Specialist

Serena Chon – Market Analyst

Human Resources Department:

Ashlyn Gergins – VP

Gabby Acuna – Associate

Caitlin Rogers – Associate

Public Relations Department:

Kylie Scudder – VP

Jackie McBride – Associate

Research and Development:

Nathan Paysse – RDS