JOB DESCRIPTION: Sales Representative (2 positions)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Booth Specialist

VP of Sales


  • AUGUST-NOVEMBER: Go to local businesses and try to gain parternerships.
  • NOVEMBER-DECEMBER: Prepare for competitions.
  • NOVEMBER-APRIL: Mass email companies through VEI.

Preparing for the Trade shows:

Things to pack

    • Empty folders for new and old invoices,
    • Staplers and staples
    • Zip ties
    • Plastic bags
    • Pencils
    • Pens,
    • Clipboards
    • Velcro strips
    • sharpies
    • carbon paper
    • scissors
    • giveaways
    • Booth brochures
    • Sales catalogs
    • Brochure holder
    • Name tags
    • Booth flyers
    • Tripod stand for impact marketing
    • Giveaway tags/flyers with booth number
    • Marketing trifold
    • Marketing plans

In preparation for the tradeshows, you will need to pack your booth box. In addition to those supplies you might want to bring supplies that are specific to your booth design, for instance, these may include, spray glue, plants, a table cover of some sort, and anything else that will assist you in putting together your booth. It’s vital that you take all the supplies you need for Bakersfield due to little to no access to stores to buy any needed supplies. At the tradeshows, you will need to get all of your supplies down to the convention center room and build the booth in the allotted amount of time. The more help you have the easier it will be for you to put the booth together completely. Once the trade show is over you must take down the booth. It is important to remember it doesn’t matter if you are organized but you want to make sure you pack everything you need.

After Tradeshows:

After tradeshows are complete and you have returned to school, you will need to go through the booth box and reorganize it all. You will need to look at the score sheets to make any adjustments that need to be made in order to increase the scores. You will need to rebuild your booth and make sure everything looks good. Then from there, you will need to make the changes.  You might also need to purchase more giveaways or purchase something that you found didn’t work at the tradeshow and needs to be improved.


Specific Tradeshows:


Make sure you have EVERYTHING that will be needed, needs to be packed. There are little to no stores for you to purchase any forgotten supplies.

Bay Area

Bay area includes WOW factor and people’s choice awards. WOW factor is something that you will need to speak to your VP about, this is the most important award of the tradeshow.


Vice President of Sales

The vice president of sales needs to be a strong salesman that is able to delegate tasks successfully and have no problem with public speaking.

VP’s tasks

  • teach the class how to sell,
  • create Sales Invoice,
  • oversee the Sales Catalog
  • oversee the booth
  • creating the product/pricing for the company
  • monitoring the department and making sure everyone is on task
  • creating goals for the department to complete each week.

In addition, you have to participate in the Sales competition at the Bakersfield trade show, and collaborate with the department to create a successful Sales Pitch. Booth Competition, Sales Catalog, and Sales Competition all have important guidelines to follow. It is important that you use to find the rubrics of each competition. You can also find examples of previous Sales Catalogs and Rubrics in the filing cabinet under the American flag. Also over the course of the year Sales was put in charge of assignments that we weren’t expecting. Prepare to take on the Wow Factor, Elevator Pitch, and One page Ad competitions. Don’t feel like you guys need to do all this by yourself, other departments that don’t have much to do will help you guys.

Useful Skills:

  • Public Speaking
  • Time Management
  • Delegate
  • Efficiency in Photoshop or illustrator


Sales Technician

The Sales Technician also needs to be a strong salesman as they are also in charge of selling at the booth and assisting the class in selling skills. The main job of the Sales Tech. is to make the Sales Catalog, which is a competition at the Bakersfield Tradeshow. The applications used to make the Sales Catalog was mainly Publisher, but others may be used. Out of class time is not necessarily required if you work efficiently in class. The Sales Catalog is also to be put in the Sales Booth in which it can be used to assist in selling. The Sales Tech. needs to be confident in presenting skills to not only sell at the tradeshow but also to teach the class how to sell.

Booth Specialist

The Booth specialist has to be creative and have good time management skills. They are in charge of the designing and building of the booth. Before doing anything they must organize a booth committee to help plan and assist in the building of the booth. This committee is made up of employees from all different departments who have a little spare time to help. Remember, you can’t always rely on these people to do it all for you, you will need to be hands-on and always ready to work. Once the plan is solidified the booth specialist then goes out and budgets for the supplies needed. Check the booth room and Mr. Levin’s classroom for anything small supplies that will be needed. After the budget is prepared they are required to meet with Mr. Levin to discuss and submit the Purchase order that will be needed. Once supplies are purchased, this happens outside of school, you can start the construction of the booth. After the completion, you will need to choose and purchase giveaways, in addition to making a brochure that is a simplified version of the sales catalog including the company products, prices, and brief descriptions. On the giveaways you need to be sure that they have a tag with the logo on it. You will also need to make sure that you prepare flyers with your booth number and company name and or logo on them.

Sales Invoice Example

Trifecta Sales Invoice Example


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