Trifecta (2015-2016)

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Trifecta promotes an active lifestyle and the elimination of plastic waste through innovative, reusable water bottles, while also connecting the bottle, its user, and technology.

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Stephanie Machuca – CEO

Catherine Fangon – CFO

Hannah Paysee – CBO

Beau Paiva – COO

Michael Meadors – CTO

Joanna Hernandez – EA

Accounting Department

Nora Mai – Branch Banker

Department of Sales

Brandon Matheson – VP of Sales

Josh Benitez – Sales Technician

Megan Finnie – Booth Design Specialist

Gavin Miller – Sales Catalog Specialist


Danny Baerman – VP

Kayla Luopa – Newsletter Designer

Nathan Fosgett – HR Specialist


Jacob Norgord – Website Designer

Marketing Department

Erika Barsby – VP of Marketing

Gillen Flororita – Brand Manager

Bethany Larcher – Design Consultant

Ryan Johnson – Marketing Consultant