What is VE?

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Virtual Enterprise is a simulated business that operates in a competitive environment with the goals of:
  • Educating students with key knowledge needed with developing a business.

  • Experiencing the feeling of how a real business is developed and how one operates.

  • Inspiring students to develop a better work ethic.

The course teaches students how to set up a simulated business.  Students are given the responsibility to run day-to-day business operations in order to prepare them for a real business environment. Students establish the products and/or services of the business, as well as develop its organizational structure.  These tasks are accomplished under the guidance of a consultant (teacher) with support of real business partners in the community.  Students will create/design a business name and logo, company catalog, a business plan, employee manual, business cards, flyers, company shirts, company website, commercial, company newsletter, and all other aspects pertaining to a start-up business venture.  Students will also attend several trade fairs, where they will market their product/service and compete with other Virtual Enterprise teams in a variety of business related competitions.

  • This course meets UC/CSU and district graduation requirements for elective credit.
  • College Credit through MSJC is pending.
  • Emphasis will be placed on the use of current software packages and the Internet for business transactions.
  • A focus will be on general office operations, accounting, sales/marketing, teamwork, interpersonal relationships in the workplace, public speaking skills, and interviewing skills.
  • This course may be repeated for additional elective credit and business competency.

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